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What to pack: Summer in Songdo

What You Need to Pack for a Summer in Songdo

The Songdo International Business District is situated along Incheon's waterfront, about 65 kilometres southwest of Seoul. The area is an incredibly popular destination for tourists from all over the world thanks to its world-class shopping, dining and tourist attractions. If you plan on visiting Songdo in the summer, you should be aware that temperatures typically hover around 30 degrees Celsius and the climate is humid. Here's what you need to pack for your holiday to ensure you stay comfortable and cool while being mindful of local customs.



Because the weather is hot, you'll want to pack light, breathable clothing in fabrics like cotton and linen. Koreans tend to be fairly modest, so try not to wear anything too revealing. Women typically keep their shoulders and cleavage covered. If you plan on wearing a skirt that is on the shorter side, bring a wrap or jacket to place over your knees when you sit down for modesty. The weather cools off a bit at night but is still comfortable, so you may want to bring pants and a light jacket as well.


In Songdo, you'll be doing a lot of walking so make sure that the shoes you choose are comfortable. That being said, Koreans like to dress up a bit and women typically wear high-heels. If you do choose to wear flat shoes, make sure they are stylish and a bit dressy. In many restaurants in the area, particularly those that offer floor seating, you'll be asked to take your shoes off while you dine. Shoes that are easy to take off and put back on will make this process easier for you.


Sunglasses are great for keeping your eyes shielded from the sun, but local custom dictates that it is rude to speak to someone while wearing sunglasses. Feel free to wear them while you are out and about but take them off to have a conversation.

As with clothing, beachwear tends to be modest. Local women usually wear shorts and t-shirts to the beach. If you are at a beach that caters to tourists, you can probably get away with wearing a bikini, but for more remote beaches, stick to a one-piece swimsuit with a sarong.


Songdo features a lot of stairs so rolling luggage is probably not your best option. Instead, pick something that you can easily carry up and down stairs, like a backpack or duffel bag. When going out around the city, aim to pack light, especially if you plan on taking the subway. It can get incredibly crowded and you don't want your bag to take up more space than is absolutely necessary.

Other Essentials

Although the weather tends to be hot during the summer, it rains frequently as well. Be sure to pack shoes that you don't mind getting wet, and you may wish to bring a raincoat or poncho as well to help you stay dry. Don't worry about packing an umbrella as you can purchase one for a low price.


Over-the-counter pain medications, like Tylenol and Advil, are typically weaker in South Korea than you are used to, so pack your own if you think you will need it. You should also pack your own toiletries as many face products in Asia contain skin-whitening agents.

Finally, don't forget to bring a power adapter as the power outlets in South Korea are not the same as they are in other countries. If you already have an adapter for travelling throughout Europe, you can use the same one in Songdo. The local voltage is 220 volts at 60 Hertz.

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Now that you're all packed up and ready to go, it's time to book your holiday. We welcome you to stay with us here at the Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo. Give us a ring today to reserve your stay in the beautiful Songdo International Business District.


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