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Tips to Plan Your Next Meeting or Event

Tips to Plan Your Next Meeting or Event in Songdo

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Events or MICE is an industry which has been growing rapidly over the past few years. The Republic of Korea or otherwise known as South Korea is progressively rising in the worldwide rank as a MICE destination. According to a 2016 report released by the Union of International Associations (UIA), South Korea ranked first as the country that hosted the highest number of international meetings in the world. 997 international meetings were reported to be held in South Korea that year, the majority of which took place in the capital city of Seoul. However, in addition to Seoul, other flourishing Korean cities such as Jeju, Busan and Incheon also received widespread recognition as notable MICE destinations.

In this article, we offer event organizers some simple tips to plan successful MICE events in Incheon.

Know Your Audience

The very first thing you need to know before you even start planning an event is who your audience is. This is the key to plan your next steps. Is your entire audience Korean? Or are they from different parts of the world? Are they business people who expect a high degree of professionalism? Or are they enthusiasts who simply want to enjoy themselves at a specific event?

Once you truly understand who your audience is, including their age group, nationality, culture, and expectations, it would be much easier to map out the next steps of your plan. Nonetheless, the best practice is to keep everything as simple as possible, especially if you have a culturally-diverse audience. Do not over-complicate things and always remain respectful.

Enlist Help from the Locals

Whether it’s an international, regional, or domestic meeting, if you are a foreigner or someone unfamiliar with the customs of Korea; it would be wise to seek help from local advocates or at least someone who speak the language. As an expert of the culture, a local can be an incredible asset to your plan. They are more likely to know easy hacks to get things done much more efficiently. They can also give invaluable advice for the entire process of planning the event.

Furthermore, if your event is an international one, it is also sensible to hire translators in order to ensure that your audience can get the most of their time attending a MICE event in Incheon.

Make Use of Technology

Smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop computer – everyone has at least a couple of these gadgets in their bag nowadays. If you plan wisely, you can make the technology work for you in terms of, organizing your event.

At the moment, there are dozens of applications, both on App Store and Play Store, that can be great tools for event planners and these can save you a lot of time and money. You may also use these apps to simplify, as well as speed up, certain process such as registration, seat booking, and post-event networking.

Location Does Matter

Eventually, it comes down to the location of your conference venue in Incheon. The location will define other significant factors, including facilities, infrastructure, transportation, ease of access, nearby attractions and even food. It will also determine whether your event can draw in the right amount of participants or not. You don’t want to plan a massive exhibition, but end up with only a handful of attendees because most people cannot reach the venue.

The reason the MICE industry in Incheon is growing so well is because it meets, and even exceeds, expectations in all of the aforementioned categories. Its infrastructure is top-notch and the transportation system is very expansive. Incheon-Songdo is not just a business center, but also a tourist destination with a variety of attractions.

Aware of the ever-growing MICE industry in Incheon, Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo provides everything you need to create successful events, from multi-purpose conference rooms to high-quality equipment, first-rate catering and state-of-the-art conference venues in the heart of the Incheon-Songdo district. The largest Grand Ballroom at Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo can accommodate up to 300 people and it is fully-equipped with a digital projector, DVD player, and teleconferencing and video-conferencing equipment. As for catering, we offer three different menus which are Korean Set Menu, Western Set Menu, and International Buffet Menu.

In addition, situated right on the edge of Songdo International Business District, Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo is very easy to travel to by bus and by train. It is also connected to Incheon International Airport by the Incheon Bridge, making commuting quite hassle-free even for international travelers.

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