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Discover the very best of Incheon and Songdo

Incheon is one of South Korea's richest and most varied destinations, with hundreds of thousands of visitors gracing the northwestern port city every year. If you are considering a trip over here soon, and are wondering what there is to see & do in Incheon and Songdo, we've prepared a handy guide for you.

What to Do

Take a bath

Not so much to get clean as to relax the body and soul. Incheon is famous for its jjimjjilbang, or spa and hot spring facilities. These are found in various locations across the city and provide the perfect venue in which to unwind and recharge your batteries. 

Embrace the tranquillity

Like many cities in Korea, Incheon is busy and bustling, but not without its quiet, spiritual side. The Jeondeungsa temple is the oldest in the country. A visit here is a great way to connect with the Buddhist culture of modern South Korea, as well as with its history. Located on Ganghwa island, this is a place to get lost in.

Star gaze

The Eurwangni beach, close to Incheon's main airport, is famous for clear skies and pristine sunsets. Enjoy swimming when the weather warms up – or a more extreme watersport such as jet skiing – during the day. Then enjoy the stars and constellations at night, with a charming display of dusk colours in between.

Go shopping

Of course, Incheon is packed with great retail options. Bupyeong is perhaps the most famous shopping district in Incheon and makes a great place to pick up a bargain or two. There is also a wealth of restaurants and bars in the vicinity for you to enjoy either after, or during a break from, your shopping.

Sample great food

From kimchi to hodugwaja and everything in between, Incheon is renowned for its sumptuous Korean delicacies and treats. However, Incheon is an international city and so it features a wide range of other options for visitors. This means you can sample a wide range of world cuisines in the area.

Incheon's Chinatown area is also famous throughout East Asia. Visit this district for amazing Chinese culinary delights to go along with your South Korean fare.

What to See

Liberty Park

Troubled memories from the Korean War have played a major role in forming modern Incheon's proud and resilient character. 

At the Liberty (Jayu) Park, visitors and residents alike are invited to reflect on this desperate time and to consider the future as they stroll around the park's footpaths. Visitors can also visit monuments celebrating South Korean-American relations and the efforts of General Douglas MacArthur, who landed at Incheon in September, 1950.

The Arts Centre

Art and entertainment are an important part of life in Incheon. The big screen at the city's Art Centre regularly brings people together for sporting or cultural events. There are also a variety of venues in the area for other cultural events, as well as shops and restaurants.

Incheon's Charming Islands

As a coastal city, some of the most relaxing spots in Incheon are located away from the mainland. Islands such as Daecheong, Yeonpyeong, Ganghwa (where the Jeondeungsa temple is found), provide charming day trips from the city.

Songdo International City

One of the most recent additions to the Incheon metropolitan area is Songdo International City. Designed to provide a planned hub for South Korea's evolving economy, the business district is Incheonhome to some of the country's tallest buildings and provides a thrilling glimpse into the future of the nation.

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