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Create Your Dream Wedding

After the marriage proposal has passed, it’s time for couples to set the date for their big day!

From past to present, the wedding day has always been one of the most important moments of one’s life. It is a key milestone, both in life and in your relationship. It is the celebration of a new beginning as well as the dawn of new challenges. And years from now, memories of the wedding day will still be the ones you cherish forever. Thus, it is only natural that every couple wants to make their big day as flawless as possible.

As any married couple can tell you, planning your dream wedding is no easy feat. Every little detail seems to matter and every decision is being doubted again and again. Some would even feel overwhelmed by the entire process, which is why many turn to professionals to guide them through each step of the way.

Especially nowadays, there are various types of wedding venues couples can choose that best fits them. Weddings at Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo, for example, not only provide the space for lovers to hold their ceremony, but also have on-site specialists who can help prepare the whole wedding. Additional benefits couples can get from holding their wedding at Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo include:

Comfortable Capacity
Whether the wedding of your dream involves a grand ceremony or a small intimate affair, it is undeniable that you would want all your close friends and loved ones to be there to celebrate your special occasion with you.

The Grand Ballroom at Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo is a spacious chamber with a 5.5-meter ceiling and a capacity to host wedding ceremonies of all sizes, from a modest event for a minimum of 70 people to a grandiose party with the maximum of 300 people. The chamber’s graceful and sophisticated décor also make for the perfect backdrop to create everlasting memories.

Exquisite Catering

Food is another major concern when  planning a wedding. It’s your big day and you want to make sure it’s not just the two of you who are having a good time. Food served on the table is at least the one thing you can take control of.

As part of the wedding package at Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo, up to six people are granted complimentary wedding menu tasting. With help from your closest confidants, you can ensure what is served to your guests on the date are to your liking.

Ease of Travel
With a large number of people turning up to attend wedding ceremony, one thing you should consider is whether the venue is easily accessible and whether there are enough parking spots for everyone.

Located in Songdo International Business District of the Greater Incheon and with a direct link to Central Park subway station (Incheon Metro Line One), traveling to Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo should be free from any hassle. Parking is also made easy with all available space the hotel has to offer.

Additionally, included in the luxurious wedding package provided at Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo are various complimentary services, from a one-night stay in a Junior Suite Room to an afternoon tea set and discounts. And for your first anniversary, you can enjoy complimentary buffet for two in Surache Dining at Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo.

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